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PostSubject: vaporizersvaporizers   Thu Feb 03, 2011 10:39 pm

2. Different Lighting Systems for Garden Lighting

For many years now low voltage 12v Halogen garden lighting has been the preferred choice for the garden design professional due to its efficiency and light output. More recently, advances in LED garden lighting technology and reduction in the cost of the LED garden lighting fittings, has certainly placed LED garden lighting firmly in the race, garden lighting outdoor lights.

A 12 volt electrical supply rather than the widely used 240 volt supply is fed through a (concealed) suitably externally rated transformer. Generally speaking exterior low voltage garden lighting transformers can be placed at ground level but this is not always the case. Low voltage lights are always energy efficient and economical to operate. The brightness level of the garden lighting is determined by the design of the individual garden light fitting and also by the lamp wattage that is utilised. These can range from 5 watts up to 50 watts (halogen). Low voltage cable is weatherproof and shockless and is designed for installation above ground level. However, for protecting the cable and for a neater appearance, your electrician may choose to hide the cable runs within mulch and planting etc. Beware - foxes and squirrels have been known to enjoy chewing through low voltage cable! You may want to protect your electrical cable and investigate the various humane pest control devices currently available on the market for garden lighting?

Being very small LED's (light emitting diodes) can often be used in many areas where normal lighting is not possible. A LED garden lighting that consumes 3 – 5 watts is now claimed to give the equivalent light output of 20w lamp!

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